IP Coursework

IP Capstone Course

The purpose of a degree-long International Plan is to provide students the opportunity to study, experience, and reflect on international issues throughout their undergraduate studies. The capstone course integrates the unique perspective that students have gained from their international experiences back into their major. The IP capstone is generally the same senior design or senior seminar course required for the major, but with the chance to bring international skills and knowledge into the project.  Approved capstone courses are listed on the GT Course Catalog, and students are encouraged to talk to their IP Faculty Representative for details about the specific capstone requirements for their major. Students who intend to earn the IP designation in two majors should plan to complete an IP capstone in each major. 

A few majors do not automatically include a capstone or senior design course in degree requirements. Students in these majors should contact their IP Faculty Representative about which course(s) may be used for the IP capstone requirement.