Degree Designation Forms

Degree Designation Form

» Download the IP designation fill-form here. 

In order to receive the International Plan designator, graduating IP students are required to complete and have signed the IP Degree Designation Form. Students who want to earn the IP designation in two majors must complete two separate designation forms. Designation forms are due to the IP Manager roughly four months before you plan to graduate. The IP Manager will inform you of the specific date.

Once you have downloaded and completed this form, please first obtain the signature of your major school (IP Faculty Representative or Academic Advisor), then make an appointment with the IP Manager.  Bring to the appointment your completed IP Designator Form.  You and the IP Manager will review the IP form together to determine your current status in the program and any remaining IP requirements at the time you petition to graduate.  Please allow yourself 15 - 20 minutes for this appointment. After obtaining the signature of the IP Manager on your designator form, the IP office will keep your original form and submit all designations to the Registrars office.