Participating Majors

The International Plan is open to students in the following participating majors. Follow the links below to see each major’s requirements or to contact the faculty representative.

Participating Major
Faculty Representative
Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Lakshmi Sankar

Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies

Dr. Mirla Gonzalez


Dr. Sabir Khan


Dr. Christy O'Mahony


Dr. Emily Weigel

Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Essy Behravesh

Business Administration (Management)

Mr. Craig Womack

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Dr. Victor Breedveld


Dr. Christy O'Mahony

Civil Engineering

Dr. Kevin Haas

Computational Media

Dr. JC Reilly

Computer Engineering

Dr. Elliot Moore, Ms. Angela Elleby

Computer Science

Dr. Alex Orso

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Dr. Dana Hartley


Dr. Whitney BuserDr. Matthew Oliver

Economics and International Affairs

Ms. Stephanie Jackson

Electrical Engineering

Dr. Elliot Moore, Ms. Angela Elleby

Environmental Engineering

Dr. Kevin Haas

Global Economics and Modern Languages

Dr. Mirla Gonzalez

History, Technology, and Society

Dr. Doug Flamming

Industrial Design

Dr. Sabir Khan

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Dr. Chen Zhou

International Affairs

Dr. Mikulas Fabry, Ms. Stephanie Jackson

International Affairs and Modern Languages

Ms. Stephanie JacksonDr. Mirla Gonzalez

Literature, Media, and Communication 

Dr. JC Reilly 

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Aldo Ferri


Dr. Mary Holder


Dr. Meghan Babcock