International Experiences Approval Form

Selecting International Experiences

With so many program options from which to choose, finding the right combination for the IP and for your language might seem daunting. To help with that process, we have created major-specific pathways showing recommended program combinations for each language as well as the English language options. International Plan students are strongly encouraged to complete a recommended set of international experiences to fulfill their IP international experience requirement. See the recommended programs for your major page for lists.

You can learn more about individual study abroad programs by clicking the program links in the recommended pathways documents or by exploring the Education Abroad website. If you are considering a global internship or research opportunity, check out the wealth of resources on the GRIP website to help you find and apply for a position.

Using Global Research or Internship Opportunities

While you can certainly do an international internship or research placement outside of your IP requirements, if you intend to count the experience for your IP weeks, please keep the following in mind:

  • Internships and research placements MUST be registered with the Global Research and Internship Programs (GRIP) before you go. Speak with the IP Manager with any concerns.
  • The length of your internship + your 2nd experience must add up to 26 weeks if you are not doing a full 6 month internship. 
  • If your internship is 26+ weeks in length, you can use it alone for your IP international experience requirement 
  • Research abroad can count as a research internship or a course through your department. If it is a research internship, it should be registered through GRIP.
  • Keep in mind IP language and coherence requirements. If you complete a semester in your IP language country, your internship/research can take place in any country and does not have to align with your language (although it's always better if it does!) so that you can take advantage of internship opportunities throughout the world
    • If your internship is NOT in your language country AND you are not pairing it with a semester-long experience in your target language, you should meet with the IP Manager to discuss coherence for the IP
  • While students on global internships are typically not considered for regular OIE scholarships, they ARE eligible for the IP scholarship it's their second term abroad for the IP. There are also non-OIE resources that may be helpful for funding - check out the GRIP funding page for more information

Approving International Experiences for the IP

If you ARE completing a combination of programs on your major's recommended list, you should complete the IP Planning Form (NEW!).

Students choosing to go abroad on a set of programs that is NOT listed on the recommended programs for your major must complete the above planning form AND write a coherency statement and seek additional approval via the Coherency Approval Form. Students should meet with the IP Manager before getting started as a few drafts are almost always needed.

To obtain the signature of the IP Manager, please make an appointment. Other signatures can be obtained using DocuSign. Make sure the IP Manager receives a copy of the final signed document.

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