GT1000-IP Section

GT 1000 is GT's first year seminar course. In Fall 2021, one section of GT 1000 (CRN 83469) will be offered exclusively for new International Plan students on Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. In addition to learning about vital skills and resources that will help you navigate your first year at Tech, you’ll also gain the following through the IP section: 

  • Get to know other IP first years from a variety of majors
  • Meet upper level IP students who will serve as class Team Leaders and mentors
  • Start to map out your IP journey
  • Participate in intercultural activities
  • Learn about all things international on GT’s campus

See below for registration details!

What past students said in course evaluations:

  • "Thank you so much for a great, informative semester!"
  • "I appreciate the amount of work we were given because I felt like I learned about my future plans without being overwhelmed."
  • "I really enjoyed this class and enjoyed meeting new IP people who are enthusiastic about studying abroad, languages, and learning about new cultures."
  • "Overall, the class was very enjoyable, and I feel a lot more educated on what I need to do to fulfill the IP requirements."
  • "This was a great, relatively low-stress, informative class."
  • "Thank you for the class! It was definitely worth attending!"


To Enroll

The IP section of GT1000 is for students enrolled in the International Plan program and those who are considering joining. A permit is required to enroll. Please email to obtain a permit. 

Look for more information at and during FASET orientation!