The following is a list of questions frequently asked by students about the International Plan!

Student FAQs

How is the International Plan different from a "regular" study abroad program?

The IP is an academic program. One of the requirements to complete the IP is to go abroad on a structured experience (study, research, or intern). There is no specific study abroad program for IP students. Each IP student has the flexibility to select the 1-2 programs they would like to use for their individual plan. The caveat is that programs must have a connection beyond being generally relevant to a student’s major, and in most cases they must connect to the selected IP foreign language. We call this connection “coherence."

What can IP do for me?

Upon completion of the International Plan requirements, students will be able to:

  • Discuss major international cultural, political, and economic processes and systems.
  • Assimilate knowledgeably and comfortably into foreign lifestyles and work environments.
  • Communicate with confidence and practice the specifics of the student's major in a global context.
  • Utilize an understanding of the global economy and international relations
  • Function effectively in multinational work.
  • Successfully practice their discipline in an international context.

These skills will better prepare you for a job in the increasingly competitive and interconnected world.

Which Majors Participate in the IP?

Please see the Participating Majors page.

What do students have to do to earn the IP degree designation?

There are three main requirements to earn the IP degree designation:

- 26 weeks studying, working or doing research abroad

- 3 Globally-focused courses and an International Plan capstone

- Proficiency in a language other than English through the 2002-level

For further details and eligibility requirements, please see the Requirements sections under the "About the IP" tab of the website.

Does it cost anything to join the IP?

No, there is no cost to join the IP program. There are costs associated with going abroad, and they are the same as when students go abroad without pursuing the IP designation.

I am an international student earning a degree at Georgia Tech. Can I study or work in my country of origin and receive credit for the International Plan?

No, students whose normal residence is outside the United States may not complete the international experience in their home country unless granted an exception by the IP Committee. In such cases, the student must demonstrate how the proposed international experience will achieve the International Plan objectives.

Can Advanced Placement credit count towards the International Plan?

AP credit cannot be used towards the three globally-focused courses. These courses must be taken after high school.

AP credit can be used to satisfy the international plan language requirements if a student receives a high enough score (in most cases, a 4 or higher) on the exam. See the language requirementpage for further details.

Can international experience obtained before arriving at Georgia Tech count toward the International Plan?

Possibly. Transfer students may petition to count up to 12 weeks of structured college-level international experience towards the International Plan's requirement. International experience must form part of a coherent plan to be considered. Petitions are requests and are not guaranteed. For further information, please contact the International Plan Manager

What are the requirements for admission to the International Plan?

The International Plan is intended for students to apply in their first four semesters of undergraduate study at Georgia Tech. For all students, the following requirements must be met before being admitted to the International Plan:

  • Applicants must be degree-seeking Tech students in one of the participating majors.
  • Students must submit the completed online application via the International Plan Web site. Notification of acceptance will be communicated to the student in writing via the student’s GT e-mail address.
  • There is no GPA requirement for first-semester freshmen applying to the International Plan. All other applicants must have at least a 2.7 GPA.

During what years can students apply to the international Plan?

It is advised that you join the IP either the summer before your first year or during your first semester at Tech. That way, you will have the maximum amount of time complete the requirements and have a better chance of being able to double count IP requirements with your existing degree requirements. Continuing GT student and transfer students are welcome to apply with less than 4 years left in their degree plans; however, those who have already earned or transferred in a significant amount of credit may need to take additional SS or HUM courses to satisfy IP requirements.

Be sure to check with the IP Manager in OIE to see how courses you’ve already taken or plan to take may fit with the IP requirements.

What is the application deadline?

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. However, those submitted by September 1 will receive priority attention. The review process takes at least two weeks for first-semester freshmen and longer for students more advanced in their programs. Furthermore, it is very important that IP students needing language courses begin taking them as soon as possible. IP students receive priority when requesting permits for lower-level foreign language classes.

How do students apply?

Students apply through our online application.

I am double majoring. Can I earn the IP in both majors?

Yes, double majors may apply to pursue the IP in one or both majors (if both participate). If accepted for both, students must have both units approve international experience(s) and must complete the capstone course for each major. All other requirements as indicated need only be fulfilled once.

I am interested in minoring in a language, the Global Engineering Leadership minor, and/or the Global Development minor. How do these minors work with the IP?

Students may use courses that count towards their minor for the IP globally-focused coursework requirement. For example, a student could use an approved upper-level language course for their Country/Region course requirement and their minor.

For the Global Engineering Leadership Minor, the required experience abroad can also count towards your 26 weeks abroad for the IP if it fits your coherency and is long enough in complement to your other term abroad.

For the Global Development Minor, the required INTA 2050 course is approved to count for the Global Economics course requirement and there are course options in the approved electives that can be used to fulfill the International Relations IP course requirement and/or the Country/Region IP course requirement. It is possible to take all 3 globally-focused IP courses as part of this minor.

I am interested in doing an internship abroad. How does that count towards the IP requirement?

Internships can be a great way to complete the part of all of your required weeks abroad. Please see the Global Internships and the IP page for more information.

What does international plan mean to employers?

Prospective employers will see that you have sought out an international perspective on your education and your career. Those who have studied abroad report improved employment opportunities, increased job satisfaction, higher salaries, and improved career advancement.

I will stay in my host country after my internship or study abroad program ends. Will this time count towards the twenty six weeks of international experience?

No, time spent overseas before and after the official dates of your international experience do not count toward your IP program.

Do holidays that take place within the official period of the international experience count towards the IP?

Yes, standard holidays during your international experience count toward your time.

Can I count orientations and special sessions toward my required weeks of international experience?

Yes, you can incorporate structured experiences before or after your official international experience into your plan, though that time must be approved in writing by the appropriate academic unit.

What formal recognition will I receive for completing the IP?

Students who complete the requirements for the International Plan and for their undergraduate major will be recognized by the designation "International Plan" on the transcript and diploma. For example, the diploma of a student majoring in mechanical engineering who completes the International Plan will read: "B.S. in Mechanical Engineering: International Plan."

Are there scholarships available to help international plan students pursue their 26 weeks abroad?

Yes, but they are not guaranteed. IP students may apply for a scholarship to help off-set the cost of their second term abroad via the same application as all other OIE-administered applications,. For more information, visit the scholarships and funding page.

What if I want to cancel my participation in the IP?

You can withdraw from the International Plan by completing the online cancelation form.