About the IP Program

The Basics

The International Plan is a four-year undergraduate academic program aimed at developing the global competence of students within the context their majors. It can be integrated into 27 of Georgia Tech's undergraduate majors. Degree requirements are not modified, but rather are satisfied with specialized courses and appropriate choices of elective courses.

To earn the International Plan Degree Designation, students must:

  • Develop proficiency in a language other than English at the 2002 level
  • Complete a minimum of 26 weeks of coherent international experience
  • Complete three globally-oriented courses, plus a capstone in their major
  • Be pursuing a participating major
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 upon entrance to and completion of the program

The IP is highly customizable. See how other students have chosen to fulfill requirements on here

The Goal

Internationally-oriented experiences are related to the student's discipline and promote a deeper understanding of the global environment than do traditional degree programs.  Students in the program consider the coherence of their overall education on a global scale, and are encouraged to think strategically about the academic content and international experiences they choose as part of the program.  Students in the program can expect to be better prepared for the global work environment, be more competitive on the job market, to earn higher salaries in their careers, and to achieve higher overall job satisfaction.

Getting Started

Students interested the International Plan are encouraged to apply to the IP program within their first four semesters of undergraduate study.  However, more advanced undergraduates in participating majors may apply.  If you are not sure if your major is part of the International Plan, see the List of Participating Majors.


For more information about the International Plan in your major, you can contact your major's IP faculty representative and/or the IP Manager.