The International Plan is Georgia Tech's globally-focused degree designation, recognizing students who have committed to making global competence a core part of their GT experience. Read More

Why is global competency important?

Employers are making it clear that they want graduates who are not only talented in their fields, but who can also work in diverse groups, adapt quickly to new cultures, and contribute to global expansion efforts. Through the IP, undergraduate students have the opportunity to gain significant international experience, language proficiency, and intercultural aptitude as part of their degree requirements, making them ideal candidates for competitive positions in today's global economy.

Program Overview

To earn the IP designation, students:

  • Go abroad for 26 weeks via two international programs that connect together ("coherence")
  • Take three globally-oriented courses
  • Show foreign language proficiency through the 2002 level
  • Complete a capstone course with an IP component
  • Have a 2.7 GPA upon entering and completing the program

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Contact Us

Ilana Blumenfeld-Gantz, 
International Plan Manager
Email: internationalplan@oie.gatech.edu

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Current and interested IP students:

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